Tuesday, September 10, 2019

8:30am- 9:15am

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Taking Action: The Future of In-Venue Sports Wagering

Polarizing as it may be, the smart money seems to be on ever more tolerance for legalized and in-venue betting at professional league sporting events. From venue-approved mobile betting to dedicated space for sports books integrated into the design of the venue, political and consumer views are shifting and the industry is examining how best to meet fan demand when it comes to betting on pro sports. The question becomes which business model makes the most sense for teams to implement at their facilities, with the choice primarily being between mobile/digital and brick-and-mortar. The answer to that questions depends on whom you ask, with individual state regulations and league restrictions also playing a critical role in how gaming ultimately looks. In addition, where do the sponsorship opportunities lie for teams and venues and what’s the value of these gaming deals? What role will be the role of the big casino players? How will cultural and legal considerations figure in? It’s still early, but executives with skin in the game will discuss where is it all headed as the sports and entertainment industry grabs hold of pent-up demand in the gambling space.

Innovation & Facilities 2030: Premium

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Capital Ideas: Private Placement In Sports & Live Entertainment Venues

With a global ramp-up in project development from small venues to arena and stadium level, many with vast retail/entertainment footprints, developers are seeking creative financing and innovative partnerships. This panel will explore the various options on the table for venue developers, sports franchises and others funding projects and raising capital, including private placement versus traditional financing, private equity, and/or public and public/private partnerships. Whether private placement is a piece of the finance puzzle, capital for an entire project, or a compliment to existing financing, given a general reticence toward using public money for sports and entertainment venues, private placement has become an increasingly viable option. Topics covered will include the advantages and risks of various funding strategies, typical term structures, regulations concerns, and the impact of market conditions on raising capital and how it’s used. Hear informed finance professionals weigh in on the opportunities and potential challenges in the world of raising capital for sports and live entertainment venue development.

E-Sports: Where Do We Go From Here?

Innovation & Facilities 2030: The Promise of 5G


City Planning & Entertainment Districts + The Venue Footprint in 2030

Design and strategic planning for new venue developments have blown past just the look, costs and functionality of the brick and mortar building to take into account a vast venue footprint that takes into account city planning, retail and entertainment districts, added attractions, and myriad partners and stakeholders from the public and private sectors, including teams, architects, municipalities, retail and dining brands, and multiple finance partners all weighing in. Experienced experts in all phases of the sorts of development will discuss how these projects can be strategically developed, from blueprints to opening day and beyond.

The State of the Art in Brand Partnerships

Sports and live entertainment venues and events continue to be one of the most robust sectors for blue chip sponsors and brand partnerships, with the industry now focusing on creative activations and innovative strategies that brands bring to the table in venue and team partnerships. This panel will discuss what it takes to bring brands to life in the venue space, creative partnerships that differentiate the brands, provide value to the venue partner and its tenants, and bring excitement and engagement to fans, benefitting all parties in visible and quantifiable ways. Experts in this vital sector will discuss how to think differently and create moments that are truly memorable and that resonate with fans via positive impressions.

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Passion Projects: The Explosion of College Sports & Entertainment Venues

Tech & Ticketing: Addressing the Under-Sold and Escaping Revenue

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Innovation & Facilities 2030: Safety & Security

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